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Supporting Team Margot Foundation

Did you know that over 37,000 people worldwide need a bone marrow transplant ? But first, they must find a matching donor – someone with the same tissue type.

Team Margot Foundation wants to encourage people worldwide to register as potential bone narrow / stem cell donors. Their aim is to facilitate this process and make it as quick as possible to save the lives of all those people who need this desperately. With more and more people joining worldwide, more patients are likely to find a matching donor ! To find out how quick and easy it is to register, please click here.

For Vertigo Hostels, supporting Team Margot’s cause was obvious as every day we host travelers from all around the world and focus on sharing experience with them.

So, what are you waiting for ? There are currently almost 80 stem cell registries in over 50 countries. Click here to find out how you can join the bone marrow/ stem cell register in your home country.

Join Team Margot Foundation and help spread the word to save more lives ! For more info about the Foundation and for further details, please click here.